Madison Campus Rentals

Whether you’re looking for affordable and convenient near-campus living or a place to park your vehicle, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from and the professional and courteous service Madison dwellers have come to expect.


125 N Bedford St | Up to 5 people | RENTED

polaroid There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location!” That phrase was coined on the front porch of this house while staring at the Kohl Center. That’s right, the Kohl Center is mere feet from your porch! Attached to your epic front porch, you’ll find a two story house outfitted with 4 bedrooms, a classy kitchen, 1.5 glorious bathrooms, and living room. If that isn’t enough, you’ll nail the bonus round with a free washer and dryer on the first floor. After you’re done admiring the Kohl center across the street, you can hike just one block to SERF or mosey on over 4 blocks to find yourself on State St.

525 W Dayton St | Up to 6 people | RENTED

polaroid  You don’t want a piece of the house, you want the whole thing! Four bedrooms: check. Two kitchens: check.  Two bathrooms: check. Living rooms: double check. That’s right, you not only get four bedrooms supported by two kitchens and two bathrooms, you get TWO living rooms. And here’s the kicker: you get a full size attic and the basement too! Just a one block hock will get you to the Kohl Center while two blocks get you to SERF. State street attractions will are just a quick 4 block stroll away.


529/531 W Dayton St | Up to 10 people | RENTED

polaroid Relax in the vastness of not one, but two ginormous living rooms when you rent both levels of this spacious abode. You’ll get a grandiose seven bedrooms (4 of the bedrooms are large enough to be shared if you’re looking to reduce housing costs) serviced by two bathrooms, two kitchens, the aforementioned ginormous living rooms, and the entire basement. Only a block away, the Kohl Center is virtually next door, SERF is just two blocks distance, and State St can be reached in just 4 blocks!


521 W Dayton St – Up to 10 people | RENTED

polaroid We’re not sure you can handle this one – not only does it have eight bedrooms, but you’ll also have access to four bathrooms! There are 2 HUGE bedrooms that can be shared if you are looking to save some cash on rent! Two kitchens and two living rooms round out the living quarters of this spacious home. Just one block separates you from the Kohl Center, SERF resides just two blocks away, and you’ll find yourself standing on State St after just four blocks.

523 W Dayton St – Up to 10 people | RENTED

polaroid  Outstanding value with three floors of bliss which comprise this huge eight bedroom house.  ALL of the bedrooms in this house are GINORMOUS…any one of them could be shared to keep rent cheap! Two kitchens, three bathrooms, two living rooms, and a full basement round out the living quarters of this large dwelling. The Kohl Center is a short one block trip, SERF is only two blocks distance, and you can be on State St after just four blocks. Act fast and call dibs on the room with the spiral staircase!